Is it possible to host an on-line store?

Q. Is it possible to host an on-line store?

Yes, it is very much possible to host an on-line store. In fact, we offer osCommerce shopping cart pre-installed which is an Open Source based on-line shop e-commerce solution. The key features of this solution are a rich set of out-of-the box on-line shopping cart functionality that permits store owners to setup, run and at the same time maintain their on-line stores with little effort. No hidden costs, fees or limitations are attached with osCommerce.

For an e-commerce solution, osCommerce has attracted the largest community consisting of more than 137,800 store owners and developers worldwide. And the number of add-ons for the extension of the osCommerce on-line store is contributed on a daily basis. The present number of add-ons created by the community is over 4,000.

The osCommerce is a PHP based software that uses a MySQL database server backend. It can easily run on any of our Linux or Windows hosting plans. There are also other open sources and paid shopping carts available that are compatible with our different hosting plans.
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